Training Sessions

A training at the Cytonn eHub on Sourcing for Capital and Overcoming Capital Challenges – The trainees became cognizant of the likely Challenges facing them when accessing finance with clear Strategies of how to overcome them. We tackled the different sources of capital with focus to the business needs. Given every Start-up aspires to Scale-up, the trainees also got to learn how to Scale-up their Star-ups.

Training session at WYLDE International on Investor readiness – The 21st cohort learnt on how to package their businesses so as to attract funding from potential investors

Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions during the Startup Weekend Women Edition (SWWE) organised by Techstars Startup Accelerator – Tech-preneurs had the opportunity to showcase their ideas, got mentorship and coaching on how to package them as saleable ideas ready for the intended market


Trade Fair Participations

Media Appearances

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