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Success results when preparation meets opportunity” – Joseph B. Wirthlin

Investor Readiness Seminar

Course Overview:

Approaching investors unprepared is the single most common reason why entrepreneurs fail to attract capital.

Whether you succeed raising capital is one of the most important junctions in your company’s future. While getting funded may sound intimidating, it doesn’t have to be if you take the right steps to prepare.

The Capital Raising Seminar is geared towards making you fund-ready and culminates with an investor pitch session with a chance to raise capital.


Following this seminar, you will:-

  • Master the art of fundraising
  • Perfect your fundraising tools
  • Develop a financial model for your business
  • Know how to value your business and negotiate for capital
  • Know how to interpret term sheets and exit strategies
  • Tools necessary to get your business Investor Ready
  • Upon completion, be assigned to a mentor
  • An opportunity to pitch to investors at our next Pitch Event

All attendees receive an attendance certificate and digital copies of course material.

Teas and lunch provided during the training session

Why Train With
Upscale Consulting?

  • Actionable Training
  • Interactive Classes
  • Intimate group sizes
  • Premier training venue
  • Free post-course support
  • Industry-renowned trainers


Day One:

1. Mastering the art of fundraising
2. Developing legal structures and business processes
3. Generating business plan and pitch deck

Day Two:

1. Financial modelling
2. Negotiation and business valuation
3. Term sheets and exit strategies

Ideal for entities:

  • With a Product and Proven Customer demand
  • At Growth Stage looking for capital to scale

Lead Trainer

Certified SIYB/ILO Trainer

Stephanie Nguku is the Founder and Managing Partner of Upscale Consulting. Having obtained gainful experience  from  the  financial  sector  of  over 12years.

She  plays a central role in managing and developing meaningful business relationships, underwriting credit  transactions, and working closely with partners and clients to structure and deploy commercial financing solutions for aspiring and established businesses as well as creating customized financial plans. Read more about Stephanie Nguku

What Our Alumni Said:

Thank you. It was such a great moment interacting with you at Cytonn Ehub Training.Thank you for sharing the rich content on startups funding.The message was very precise with actionable insights.
Ben Thiongo
Director, BizTele
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