No matter where you are in
your business's life span
Upscale Consulting
can help restructure or access credit.
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We are Upscale Consulting

Upscale Consulting is a financial consulting firm established to provide capital advisory services with focus on Business and Project Financing for entities seeking finance to meet their financial obligations and scale-up their Business Ventures.
Our Vision
To be the Capital Solutions firm of Choice
Our Mission
To break the Financial bottlenecks business entities encounter and enable them achieve their full business potential.
Our Strength
We derive our strength from our Partners and the team of consultants we associate with to execute our assignment(s). Over time, we have built a network of associates and partners in and outside the country.
Our Core Values
We are strongly anchored by the following core values:
  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Growth
  • Collaboration

Benefits derived from partnering with Upscale Consulting

Our work with Business entities is primarily geared at assisting them achieve the following:

  • Find the best fit financial solution
  • Scaled-up Business entities
  • Improved finance acquisition processes
  • Quality growth of our Partners portfolio

Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart

In this fragmented credit market, businesses need and can benefit from an objective team of commercial finance experts to access liquidity. While there may be many firms to choose from, Upscale Consulting sets itself apart with truly excellent customer focus, marketplace knowledge and resourcefulness needed to deliver optimum results. We put power in our clients’ hands and are driving the process from beginning to end to ensure the best options, decisions and outcome possible.

What you can expect

  • We offer objective input on what is needed for the health of the business
  • Secure the “needle-in-the-haystack” capital source
  • Structure a flexible out-of-the-box credit facility, if necessary
  • Deliver a competitive process to get the most cost effective
  • Leverage our industry relationships and reputation
  • We create urgency and set a rhythm to the deal process and execute through to funding