Business Growth Program

Every business wants to grow and remain sustainable.

While a new venture is always exciting, eventually you want to stabilize your business into a profitable and sustainable business model. However, lots of businesses go about growth in entirely the wrong way – either too much too fast, or too little too late. So, how can you know the right growth strategies for your business?

This Business Growth Seminar is geared towards providing a practical road map that supports all critical business functions in positioning the business on a growth path.


Following this seminar, you will learn how to:-

  • Transition from a start-up model to a growing business
  • Put the right structures and processes
  • Grow as a leader as your business changes
  • Build an effective business strategy
  • Manage your finances and raise capital

Financial Literacy Masterclass

Course Overview:

Financial literacy helps you to plan your finances well. It helps you to streamline your present finances by keeping your future in mind. It helps you to develop a clear view of your financial situation today and determine your financial goals – including a time frame. It helps you to create a plan with clear action steps as well as implement the plan and follow up to stay on track.


  • Develop a clear plan of your financial situation, determine your financial goals and create a plan with actionable steps
  • Learn how and where to invest to grow your money, manage and payoff your debts while protecting self and your loved ones
  • Acquire tools useful to apply in your future financial journey
  • Tools necessary to create a clear financial plan with clear action plans
  • Hand holding for support and accountability

All attendees receive an attendance certificate and digital copies of course material.

Investor Readiness Program

An 8 week program geared towards making your business Investor ready and culminates in an investor pitch and the chance to receive seed funding.

Get to Learn;

1. The art of fundraising
2. Overcoming capital raising challenges / business structures
3. Legal preparation
4. Business plan & pitch deck generation
5. Interpretation of financial statements and financial modelling
6. Types of funds & suitable source of capital
7. Negotiation & business valuation
8. Term sheets & exits

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