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Who We Are

Access to finance for aspiring and established entrepreneurs is without question one of the most challenging aspects when growing a business.

The stories are manifold of entrepreneurs and small business owners becoming both frustrated and discouraged by the amount of time it takes to secure capital; the rejections they endure, and the lack of linearity and progress checkpoints in the course of seeing their business dreams come into fruition.

Having obtained gainful experience in the area of lending, the team at Upscale Consulting took up the mandate to work with entrepreneurs in helping them identify and walk through them in obtaining suitable financing and business solutions for their business ventures.

We work closely with aspiring and established entrepreneurs in identifying suitable financing and relevant business partnerships and preparing them in readiness to access those opportunities; to enable them grow and scale their business ventures.

Through our already established partnerships, we have witnessed successful engagements and partnerships signed-up between our clients and our partners; this definitely leading to realization of businesses dreams and growth of our partners portfolios.

Our motivation being, we understand the needs and expectations of both parties and work on finding a good fit.

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